Blue Orb 


Can you honestly say that your current agency / agencies of choice understands your business, your culture or what it means for you if you fail to acquire the right candidate?

We have set up Blue Orb Recruitment to offer the above level of service to every client we engage with. We provide an experienced consultant who will be your single point contact, and they will take time to understand your company and its current needs. They will then conduct a search to match suitable candidates to the vacancy before contacting them to discuss the opportunity of joining your organisation.

As we never rely on candidates who are actively looking for new employment you will never hear us say that the market is candidate driven or that there is a shortage of experience available to you.

We have invested in the best Head Hunting tools available in the market place to allow us to locate & contact candidates other agencies find “elusive”.

If we ever fail to find a suitable candidate for you to interview then we will provide a full breakdown of the market mapping we did as well as a list of who we contacted and qualified along with the reasons these people did not want to apply for the position. We will work with you to analyse these results and then adapt the search where needed.

All we ask in return is a transparent recruitment process. This will allow us to manage the candidates'  expectations and make sure they receive the same level of service as our clients.